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Thank you for stocking UPPERCASE magazine and books. If you are in North America and would like to stock each issue of the magazine as it is published, you can sign up for a standing order hereFor stockists in North America, wholesale items are available right here in the wholesale section of the online shop. We ship from fulfillment warehouses in Los Angeles and Toronto. We can ship full cartons of back issues worldwide—the shopping cart will automatically calculate shipping costs based on your order weight, location and shipping preferences. All wholesale items have the word "wholesale" in the title—be careful not to navigate into the general retail section of the online shop. All of our wholesale offerings are shown below. 

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UK AND EUROPEAN STOCKISTS: Please contact Central Books for the current issue, back issues and books.
AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: please contact Magnation for issue #21 and onward.
SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA: please contact Allscript for issue #21 and onward.